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Quality Products, Amazing Results
SeneGence® takes unique products formulations to a new level with
their revolutionary lines of skin care and cosmetics.
From revolutionary long-lasting LipSense to anti-aging products, SeneGence® has several products for you to
chose from based on your own unqiue needs. All products have patented techonolgy for all-day wear. 

SeneGence Offers:

  • LipSense Long-Lasting Color
  • LinerSense
  • ShawdowSense
  • LashSense and Lash Extend
  • MakeSense Foundation 
  • SeneDerm Anti-Aging 
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The 3 Reasons You Should Switch to LipSense

  1. 1
    It Won't Kiss OFF
    LipSense®, the premier product for SeneGence®,has patented technology creating waterproof lipstick that won't budge, smudge, or kiss off!
  2. 2
    Multiple Shades and Tones
    From gloss to color, there are over 35 shades to chose from for cool or warm tones. All LipSense® lipsticks last from 4-18 hours.
  3. 2
    You Can Layer Colors
    Create your own look, as all colors can be mixed and matched. Let your imagination go with creating new color combinations.
SeneGence Starter Kits
LipSense Long-Lasting Lip Color Starter - $55 

The Lipsense Starter Kit includes your choice of LipSense Color, LipSense Gloss, and LipSense Ooops! Remover. 

LipSense®: the premier product for SeneGence®, LipSense is a patented, amazing departure from conventional lipsticks and lip colors. LipSense is versatile in that you can mix shades to create a number of effects.

LipSense® Gloss: smooth on any texture of LipSense® Gloss to add rich moisture to lips, either on top of LipSense® Liquid Lip Color, or on bare lips. Gloss also helps to seal in LipSense® Lip Color and improve the longevity of the color.

LipSense Ooops!™ Remover: specially designed to erase those mistakes that can occur when applying LipSense lip color and will lift your LipSense color to change your shade or remove at the end of the day.
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